Ditch-crawler’s tip…

My tip if you are like-minded with a traditional looking craft, or even are caring for a historical maritime gem, is go to Faversham this summer for the Maritime Festival at the head of the creek.

The Faversham Festival takes place on 22nd and 23rd July but many craft arrive on the Friday tide.

The details can be found at: www.Faversham.org

Craft require to be booked in with the organisers and if visitors are allowable you need to say.

A ‘poster’ describing your craft and any specialness should be prepared and hung in the rigging where it can be seen…

It is a fun weekend with stalls, craft on the creek when tide is in and musical events at many local pubs.

I’ll be ‘up the coast’ for a Finesse Rally, but give it a whirl!

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