Ditch-crawler is sent ‘Britain Afloat’ discs by the BBC

A little packet dropped through my letter box yesterday, during a day trip up to Greenwich to see the special exhibition about Franklin’s North-west Passage debacle 170 years ago… Anyway, it was a nice gesture of the BBC.

Good picture eh!

The Mate and I have watched the programme through again – rather good overall. I was a little ‘narked’ about one little thing – a lack of credit. I thought this was to be placed at end. Hey ho – must insist next time!

The programme can still be found on iplayer. When I next see my ‘foreign’ family and friends, Graham A & Paul M, I’ll lend or screen as desired…

I do not have any sailing exploits to report on for the weather has essentially been base. I am hopeful of a couple of tide sails this coming week – I’m beginning to twitch!

Bye for now.

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